Pipe Lines

Pipelines are numerous in east Texas, and they demand a tremendous amount of respect when working near them. Some pipelines are under extreme pressure that pose great dangers to loggers if they should be ruptured. 22 Revised: January 12, 2023 Pipeline right of ways (ROW) usually have signs naming the pipeline company and their contact information. Loggers should always call the pipeline company and notify them of your intentions of possibly working beside or even crossing the ROW. There may be and usually are more than one pipeline in the ROW. And although the pipeline or lines may have a marker over them there is never a guarantee the marker is directly over the pipeline. Pipeline depth must be determined as well because over time erosion can wash away soil and expose them. Exposed pipelines can be hidden from view by pine and hardwood saplings or tall grass.

Also, loggers need to realize there are some very old pipelines, fifty years or older, that may not have more than a foot or two of dirt on top of them. Remember, if there are no signs in a pipeline ROW with a pipeline company’s contact numbers call TEXAS 811 before you dig or disturb a pipeline ROW. A pipeline representative will not keep you waiting long and the information they bring is very important. For instance, if you want to build a road across the pipeline they can tell you if you need to haul dirt, use mats, or cross only with skidders dragging wood. They can inspect a wash out or a disturbed ROW before you begin operations, possibly saving you money for damages you did not do. Bottom line is, just like electricity, pipelines should be treated with the utmost respect, AT ALL TIMES! by all personnel.