Why BMPs are important

Nearly 80% of all freshwater resources originate on forested lands. Texas has 48,000,000 acres of forestland of which 11.9 million acres are located in East Texas and considered commercial timberland. The forestry community has an important role in protecting the quality of these waters. It is documented that well managed forests provide us with clean water. They absorb rainfall, refill aquifers, slow and filter storm water runoff, and reduce floods.  They also provide important habitat for fish and wildlife. Fresh water is and will remain a very important issue, especially in Texas.  As our populations grow, the demand for fresh water for drinking, recreation and other high quality uses will continue to rise.

You Can Help

What can you do as a logger to help protect water quality? The best way for you to do your part in protecting water quality is to become familiar with the BMP guidelines and to ensure that you use the proper BMPs on every job. Best Management Practices are designed to help landowners, foresters, loggers and others protect water quality during forestry operations. The use of BMPs is voluntary in Texas, and if everyone involved implements these practices, water quality can be protected without strict regulations.