The project file is loaded and now we can begin to use this application to identify sensitive areas such as streams, SMZs, severe slopes, and wet areas on a project area.

By clicking just a few items, the application will automatically generate reports.

Step 1

  1. Click the Sensitive Areas tab in the left column. The application automatically maps streams, stream buffers, severe slopes, and wet areas within the project area using different colors.
  2. Click on Report in the Sensitive Areas tab, type a Project Name in the Submit Project window, and click OK. The application opens the “Sensitive Area Report” as a pdf file in a new window. First time users may need to turn off the Pop-Up Blocker.
  3. A one page report is produced showing a sensitive area map and summary statistics (length, area) of critical areas.

Step 2

Use the information in the Sensitive Area Report to answer the following question.

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