Step 1

  • Clear the Operational Considerations layer, by selecting the Clear layer button, and zoom in to the southwestern corner of the tract.
  • Toggle to the “Hydro” basemap to easily find waterways.
  • Click on the Culvert Size & Elevation Profile tab.
  • Click the Culvert Size button, and then the Blue Dot button. This will allow you to place a point on the map to calculate the culvert size for a stream crossing.
  • Zoom in on the southwest corner (bottom left), and place the point at the bottom of the stream in that section. The watershed is automatically delineated for the placed point.

Step 2

Type a Project Name in the Watershed Properties window and click Report. The Watershed Size/Culvert Size Report is generated and shows the recommended culvert size.

Step 3

Use the Watershed Size/Culvert Size Report to answer the following question.

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