Forestry Best Management Practices

How To Navigate This Course

This course is broken down into 7 modules, like chapters in a book. The courses are only available once you have completed the registration and payment process.

To begin, under Module 1, select the first unit. Once you have completed the unit, select the Mark As Complete button and then select the Next Unit button. Should you need to navigate back a unit, just click Previous Unit.

There will be a short quiz at the end of the module. You will not be able to navigate back to the units during the quiz without losing your answers. Once you have selected the answers to the quiz, click Submit Answers. When you pass the course, the next module will be unlocked.

Module 1 Harvest Planning & Layout
Unit 1 Harvest Planning & Layout
Unit 2 Why BMPs Are Important
Unit 3 You Can Help
Unit 4 Harvest Planning & Layout
Unit 5 Aerial Imagery
Unit 6 Topographic Maps
Unit 7 NRCS Soil Surveys
Unit 8 Site Reconnaissance
Unit 9 Landowner Maps
Unit 10 Harvest Planning & Layout Quiz
Module 2 General Harvest & Site Prep Guidelines
Unit 1 General Harvest & Site Prep Guidelines
Unit 2 Harvesting
Unit 3 Harvesting Within The SMZ
Unit 4 Site Prep
Unit 5 General Harvest & Site Prep Guidelines Quiz
Module 3 Forest Roads
Unit 1 Welcome to Forest Roads
Unit 2 Permanent Roads VS Temporary Roads
Unit 3 Permanent Roads
Unit 4 Temporary Roads
Unit 5 Water Control Structures & Road Building Techniques
Unit 6 Water Control Structures
Unit 7 Water Bars
Unit 8 Broad-Based Dips
Unit 9 Rolling Dips
Unit 10 Cross Drain Culverts
Unit 11 Wing Ditches
Unit 12 Other Water Control Devices
Unit 13 Road Construction
Unit 14 Road Placement
Unit 15 Road Placement - Yellow Line
Unit 16 Road Placement - Green Line
Unit 17 Road Placement - Black Line
Unit 18 Forest Roads Quiz
Module 4 Stream Crossings
Unit 1 Welcome To Stream Crossings
Unit 2 Stream Crossings
Unit 3 Factors To Consider When Planning A Crossing
Unit 4 Selecting An Ideal Stream Crossing Location
Unit 5 Permanent VS Temporary Crossings
Unit 6 Types of Stream Crossings
Unit 7 Culvert Crossings
Unit 8 Low Water Crossings or Fords
Unit 9 Bridges
Unit 10 Portable Bridges or Mats
Unit 11 Temporary Fill (Logs)
Unit 12 Stream Crossings Quiz
Module 5 Streamside Management Zones (SMZs)
Unit 1 Welcome To Streamside Management Zones
Unit 2 Perennial Streams
Unit 3 Intermittent Streams
Unit 4 Ephemeral Streams
Unit 5 Streamside Management Zones Quiz
Module 6 Rutting
Unit 1 Welcome To Rutting
Unit 2 Rutting Guidlines
Unit 3 Rutting Quiz
Module 7 Wetlands & Wetland Like Areas
Unit 1 Wetlands & Wetland Like Areas
Unit 2 What Is A Wetland?
Unit 3 Mandatory Wetland BMPs
Unit 4 Six Federal Requirements for Site Preparation in Wetlands
Unit 5 Activities Requiring Permits
Unit 6 Established Silvicultural Operations
Unit 7 15 Mandatory BMPs
Unit 8 Wetlands and Wetland Like Areas
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